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Rinke wines - limestone meets slate 

In 2006, the lateral entrants, Marion and Alexander Rinke, took over vineyards in a location that almost nobody knew anymore at the time. Langsurer Brüderberg is the name of the steep, partly terraced area of 2.5 hectares between Igel and Wasserbillig (behind Trier, close to the Luxembourg border). A "gem" on shell limestone, with great potential. The duo has revived this gem, which had previously been planted with Elbling, completely cleared it and replanted it with Chardonnay, mostly old Burgundian genetics and a few additional vines (including Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Gewuerztraminer).


"Field Blend!" ("Gemischter Satz")

The different varieties from the Langsurer Brüderberg which are harvested together as a "field blend" are also fermented together. The wines of the Langsurer Brüderberg thus obtained are reminiscent of Chablis and other appellations from northern Burgundy, but without being copies. In every white wine from the Langsurer Brüderberg you can taste the exotic character of the "field blend", so to speak a Chardonnay "with a shot".

For some years now, the area under vines in the 

Langsurer Brüderberg has been expanded to include Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder). Also for Pinot Noir the Rinkes rely on Burgundian clones with the lowest possible yields.

Grand Crus vineyards on the Saar

Since 2015, the two Rinkes have also been cultivating some steep slopes on the Saar, again with a focus on forgotten Grand Cru single sites. The vineyards on the Saar in the Oberemmeler Altenberg, Wiltinger Klosterberg and Wiltinger Braunfels have a high population of old vines which are between 50 and 60 years old. Their genetic diversity, coupled with low yields, are a guarantee for top-class wines in a typical Saar style. The Saar wines from Marion and Alex Rinke (mainly Riesling, but also Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and the very rare Frühburgunder (Pinot Madeleine / Pinot Noir Précoce) are characterized by excitement, finesse and elegance. As one of very few wineries of the Moselle Marion and Alex Rinke cultivate vines on shell limestone and slate. Limestone meets slate. Two worlds on the Moselle, each fascinating in its own way.


This is us

"That can't be everything in our lives," thought Marion and Alex Rinke when they laid the foundation for their winery in 2006 as lateral entrants by clearing and replanting a forgotten Grand Cru site on shell limestone.  The two start where many stop. They have a focus on forgotten Grand Crus, which they bring back to life with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. Nothing is too difficult for the duo.  The two do many things differently, precisely because they do not run a winery with a centuries-old tradition, but go their own quality-oriented path with fresh ideas. In the vineyard and cellar, Marion and Alex work sustainably and in harmony with nature. The vineyards are cultivated according to organic principles. The first organic wine is expected to be bottled in 2024. In the cellar, too, the two of them work in a minimalist manner and, if possible, without technical interventions and additives. Therefore, all Rinke wines are naturally vegan. After bottling, the wines often need some time to mature in the bottle. Therefore, if available, the older vintages are the better choice.

Marion and Alex Rinke bring two worlds together on the Moselle - on shell limestone and slate. Anything But Ordinary.  


Dr. Marion Rinke

Marion Rinke is a lawyer by nature. Her focus in the winery is social media, marketing and everything organizational. She also takes care of the cellar work together with Alex Rinke. Marion has traveled to many wine-growing regions around the world. She is in constant professional exchange at VINISSSIMA - Women and Wine. Constant "learning by doing" is her strength.

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Alexander Rinke

Before entering the wine business, Alex Rinke was an entrepreneur and ran several companies in the field of drainage technology and safety technology for buildings. Operational responsibility in the winery lies in his hands. The vineyards and their natural cultivation is his passion. Alex feels most comfortable when he is in the vineyards. His other focus is sales. He also takes care of the cellar work together with Marion. Alex also runs the restaurant Weinwirtschaft Friedrich-Friedrich-Wilhelm Trier. (Weberbachstr. 75).